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Robot reporter gives investment information

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Only reliable investment information is provided

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No difficult investment information but customized chart

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No difficult investment information but customized chart

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We make data into contents easily, fast and
accurately by Robot-Journalism

The Robo-Reporter gives investment information

Money-Robo is an investment information curation service for private investors.
A robot reporter collects and summarizes diverse information such as corporate disclosure,
stock price information, and news in real time, and delivers the news.

Only reliable investment information is provided

Money-Robois an information service for investors in collaboration with diverse financial
experts such as analysts, fund managers, and stock reporters.
It gives only reliable investment information such as corporate disclosure,
stock price information, and news data.

No difficult investment information but customized chart

No need to analyze data in an Excel format. Money-Robo analyzes investment information by using
a customized chart for easy understanding. Money-Robo visualizes the company's sales performance,
shareholder information, and so on for easy viewing.

Multi-language and global investment information

Money-Robo supports multi-language services like English and Chinese. In addition,
its API service can be easily linked with a chat bot. Money-Robo can provide various
corporate information on various channels such as Facebook, Twitter and E-mail.

Let’s Introduce M-Robo

Started at in-house venture of a newspaper company.

M-Robo is a media startup started as a in-house venture of Maeil Business Newspaper, South Korea's leading Media company.
M-Robo received international recognition for our excellent planning and winning various awards.

Leading Robot-Journalism startup in South Korea

Robot journalism automates the entire process of newspaper production. Quickly and accurately create news from search
for information to writing articles, to writing articles, and to distribution of texts.

Global Competitiveness

Six months after its foundation, M-Robo got into the semi-finals of FF2017, the largest fintech competition in Asia, in2016. In addition, it was selected as a good case of the public data quality improvement in Korea, and invited to present in the international ISO conference in 2017. Recently, M-Robo attracted attention from local press in the Korea-Malaysia Fintech Demo Day.

Interviewed by Malaysia BernamaTV

Korea-Malaysia Fintech Demoday

(Venture Capital Company In Indonesia)

Future Plan

In 2017, M-Robo moves into Wibee Fintech Lab of Woori Bank and cooperates with financial organizations for the fintech service. For stable data use and technical cooperation support, M-Robo cooperates with the Korea Press Foundation, Korea Data Agency, Korea Internet & Security Agency, and National Information Society Agency.

In the future, Money-Robo will increase its sales through the cooperation of diverse content businesses with Maeil Business Newspaper, an investor of M-Robo. Expected to advance the curation service that can be linked with AI services such as chat bot and Robo-adviser.

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